Golf Course Reopening Protocol

Guidelines for playing safely (Covid-19)

PRE-BOOK your Tee Time via WhatsApp (829) 679 2086 / (507) 6948 7498.

PAY with Credit Card is preferred.

RESPECT all the security measures implemented by Los Mangos Golf & Country Club.

Keep the DISTANCE of two meters at all times.

HAND WASHING is mandatory before and after entering Los Mangos Golf & Country Club.

AVOID all physical interaction at all times.

GOLF CARTS are for individual use unless they are for people of the same residence. Disinfection before and after each use.

GAMES for only two players and they must keep the physical distancing during the course of the game.


The player will collect the ball with the greatest possible care.

RENTAL equipment must be disinfected before and after each use.

LOCKERS closed due to Covid-19.

Players must come dressed for the game.


No flagpole may be pulled out of the hole or touched.